Why a website about tadpoles?

Our Aim

We are scientists who study very young tadpoles to try to understand how the brain works by choosing the simplest example we could think of! Everyone finds tadpoles interesting, but especially children. So, we will tell you about tadpoles and then explain, bit by bit, how we study them.

Our studies are supported by a 3 year grant ending in 2017 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Part of this funding is to explain what we do to and why we do it to as broad an audience as possible. This made it possible to build our tadpole website.

The website is divided into 6 sections:

Kids – What are tadpoles? Where to find them? Looking after them.


Science – Research on tadpole behaviour and how the brain controls it.

Schools – Tapoles can help with syllabus on nervous systems.

Games – Taddypole Game and links to more games about ponds

Photographs – Photographs of frog spawn, tadpoles, frogs for your tadpole projects