Tadpole pictures

This page contains lots of drawings and photographs for you to use in your reports, projects, tadpole diaries or whatever you like. Click on the individual photo to print or copy. Please attribute work where appropriate (not needed unless reproduced on line, please refer to creative commons licence rules).

Very young tadpoles (Rana temporaria) developing in eggs- Lia Gilmour
Close up of very young tadpole (Rana temporaria) developing in egg- Lia Gilmour
Close up of very young tadpole flexing (Rana temporaria) in egg- Lia Gilmour
Young tadpole (Rana temporaria) with gills starting to form- Lia Gilmour
Young tadpoles (Rana temporaria) hanging by their adhesive glands- Lia Gilmour
Drawing of young tadpoles feeding
Underside of tadpole showing mouth, adhesive glands and gills- Lia Gilmour
Hatchling tadpoles flexing- Alan Roberts
Hatched tadpoles- Lia Gilmour
Hatchling tadpoles with spawn- Lia Gilmour
Young tadpole with gills visable- Lia Gilmour
Drawing of young tadpole with gills- Stephen Soffe
Young tadpole head showing gills- Lia Gilmour
Wood frog tadpoles- NatureNorth
Tadpoles- Markus @ Thinkaholic
Tadpoles in pond- Alan Roberts
Tadpoles in pond- Alan Roberts
Tadpoles eating snail- Mario Massone
Tadpole – Animal Spot
Tadpoles swimming- Olaf Tausch
Wood frog tadpole with back legs- NatureNorth
Tadpole with legs from old drawing
Tadpoles to colour in

Media credits under creative commons licence