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TaddyPole – A frog life-cycle game

TaddyPole is available on the following platforms:

Explore a pond, find food, and learn about the life-cycle of frogs! TaddyPole is an educational game designed to teach children all about tadpoles and the environment they live in through fun and engaging game-play, in a beautiful 2D world.

Guide newly hatched tadpoles through the depths of a randomly generated pond, hunting prey and scavenging for food until it grows into a frog! But watch out – tadpoles aren’t the biggest thing in the water; keep an eye out for predators!

Challenge your friends! Gain points by eating as much as you can, and by helping as many tadpoles leave the pond as possible before the time runs out.

Learn about pond life! Explore the pond and meet the creatures that live within, finding out about the food chain and ecosystem. You can even replay any information you find through an achievements panel in the main menu, and see hints at what you’ve yet to discover!

TaddyPole can be played for free in your browser, or can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet, or Windows 10 device from the store links above.

TaddyPole created by Winter Is Compiling

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