Tadpole predators

This page contains lots of drawings and photographs for you to use in your reports, projects, tadpole diaries or whatever you like. Click on the individual photo to print or copy. Please attribute work where appropriate (not needed unless reproduced on-line, please refer to creative commons licence rules).

Great diving beetle larvae/nymph- Aflish

Great diving beetle larvae/nymph with tadpole- Gilles San Martin

Old drawing of great diving beetle

Great diving beetle- E van Herk

Dragonfly nymph- D Sykes

Damselfly nymph/larvae- Sharp photography

Smooth newt- Ian Kirk

Smooth newt- Magnus Maske

Three-spined stickleback- Ron Offermans

Old drawing of a stickleback

Minnow- Adrien Pinot

Ducks- Kim Taylor

Kingfisher with tadpole- Pierre Dalous

Glossy ibis with tadpole (Cyprus)- Gareth Jones

Media credits under creative commons licence unless stated